71st Special Operations Squadron
Radio Call Sign 'Shadow'

28 April 1960
(Derivation from WW II)

17 June 1968

8 July 1968

Listen to an original voice of 'The Shadow' - Who Knows

Listen to a sound clip of 'Gooooooood Morning Vietnam' recorded from the American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) in the spring of 1969. The sound clip contains the voices of two AFVN D.J.s. The station I.D. is that of Specialist Paul A. Bottoms, and the 'Goooooooood Morning Vietnam' opener is the voice of Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak. Pat was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1968. After a brief period as a finance clerk, he was transferred to Armed Forces Radio and was assigned to the morning 'Dawnbuster' show where he continued the “Goooooooood Morning Vietnam” opener. Paul Bottoms completed two tours in Vietnam, one of which overlapped with Pat Sajak. Paul D.J.'d the 'Orient Express' from 0100 to 0400 hours, played recorded programs from AFRTS until 0600, and turned the programing over to Pat and the Dawnbuster show about 0620 hours. Pat completed his Vietnam tour by the end of 1969. Many thanks to Paul Bottoms for providing the preceeding facts.

A 71st SOS Shadow gunship departs Phan Rang Air Base on a night mission in May 1969.

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