71st SOS Life at Nha Trang; Spring 1969, Page 2

SSgt. Bill Tyler in downtown Nha Trang
(Jack Study photo)

A Wright R-3350-85 Cyclone turbo compound engine and Aeroproducts A644FN-C2 hydraulically controlled, constant speed propeller are ready for service. (Jack Study photo)

Front Row, L to R: Lt. Col. John W. Lewis; Lt. Col. Boris C. Chaleff; Lt. Col. James E. Pyle; Lt. Col. Warren L. Johnson; Capt. Marvin A. Evens; Maj. Vernon L. Hoehn.
Back Row, L to R: Maj. Norm J. Reid; Capt. William J. Scanlan; Maj. Clyde Scherril; Maj. Ben R. McPherson; Maj. Ralph V. Harrell, Jr.; Maj. Joseph Dague.

TSgt. Jack D. Bastin poses in front of AC-119G #53-8069, "City of Columbus", namesake for the 71st's hometown of Columbus, Indiana.

AC-119G #52-5927 "Devil's Advocate"

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