71st SOS Life at Nha Trang; Spring 1969, Page 1

Reservists Lt. Col. Donald F. Beyl and Capt. William R. Joyce, Jr. pause in front of AC-119G #53-8069 "City of Columbus" at Nha Trang Air Base, Vietnam. The aircraft was named "City of Columbus" after the 71st's home city, Columbus, Indiana.

SSgt. Jack Study pauses in the line truck 'Alpha 8' in Victor row. Jack and others who worked on the flightline during the night had to wear a flak jacket and helmet during times of high mortar activity. Jack was a line maintenance technician.

 First AC-119G arrives at Nha Trang (Dan Uland photo)

First ferry crew arrival at Nha Trang on 27 Dec 1968.
(L to R) SSgt. Paul Jester(not a ferry crew member); Maj. Byron Feather (Nav.); Maj. Clyde Sherrill (Pilot); SSgt. Herb Loveless (F/E); Capt. Howard Mangin (CoPilot); Sgt. Warren Hinton (Crew Chief) (Dan Uland photo)

(Dan Uland photo)

(Dan Uland photo)

14th Special Operations Wing Headquarters, Nha Trang (Dan Uland photo)

Capt. Howard Mangin, Maj. Paul R. Maxwell, and Maj. Gene R. Tippy (Dan Uland photo)

Nha Trang street scene (Dan Uland photo)

USO Club at Nha Trang (Dan Uland photo)

Nha Trang Beach (Dan Uland photo)

Nha Trang Bay (Dan Uland photo)

View toward Budha (Dan Uland photo)

Budha (Dan Uland photo)

Don Beyl and Tom Cougill open Christmas presents; December 1968 (Dan Uland photo)

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