Croix de Guerre with Palm Leaf awarded to the 434th Troop Carrier Group for its role in the liberation of France, 5-6 June 1944.

(English translation appears beneath the citation.)

 Extract of the Decision #332

Dated 17 September 1946

The President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of France cites

The "Order of the Army" To

434th Troop Carrier Group:

A Splendid Unit which distinguished itself by its exceptional heroism, military bravery, and profound sense of duty.

During the night of June 5th - June 6th 1944 and the two following days, the air transport towed gliders and airborne troops charged with the invasion of Normandy and accomplished this dangerous, essential, and delicate task with safety, precision, and speed.

In spite of violent enemy reaction and numerous ground obstacles, they accomplished this mission with very little loss, and thanks to the pilots in attaining fixed landing objectives, the air transport troops were allowed to regroup swiftly and to throw into confusion the enemy zone, which was subject to a huge frontal attack by the landing forces.

For the courage and competency of these pilots in brilliantly completing their mission, and thus contributed to the colapse of the "Atlantic Wall" and the liberation of France.

Award: Croix de Guerre with Palm-Leaf