AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion VII Photos, Page 3 of 7

Jack Bastin speaks with SSgt Darrin Kast about the new CV-22 Osprey. Sgt Kast is a Flight Engineer on the CV-22s, and was a major participant and contributor in behalf of the new 71st at the reunion. All of the reunion attendees were very impressed with the quality, professionalism, and dedication of the young men and women assigned to the new 71st SOS

Vietnam era gunshippers pose in front of a CV-22. (L to R) Doug Wohlgamuth, Gunship Association Treasurer; Jim Alvis, gunship Association Secretary; Earl Wall; and Bill Petrie, Gunship Association Webmaster.

Following the viewing of the aircraft of the 58th SOW on the parking ramp, the 58th treated reunion attendees to an excellent lunch cookout. Many thanks to the 58th for their excellent hospitality.

Bill Petrie and Earl and Dixie Wall are waiting for their turn in the lunch line. The weather was excellent for the cookout.

Three generations of the 71st Squadron (foreground, L to R): SSgt Darrin Kast, new 71st SOS; Al Heuss, Vietnam era 71st SOS; Marvin Litke, 71st Troop Carrier Squadron, WW II.

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