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for further Web Site Development and Improvement

The goal of this web site is to accurately document the names, dates, events, and circumstances pertaining to the history of the 434th Troop Carrier Group(WW II) through the present day 434th Air Refueling Wing, and the 71st Special Operations Squadron's participation in the Vietnam conflict.

The author of this site encourages input and contributions to add to or correct the content of the site. Please email the Web Master at theshadowknows@71stsos.com.

The following is a "Wish List" of desired items to further expand and improve this site.

71st Special Operations Squadron

May 13, 1968 thru June 18, 1969

* Many Reservists of the 71st SOS had prior service in World War II and/or Korea. I want to identify those Reservists who did serve in WW II and or Korea, and would like to know their branch of service, where served, unit(s) assigned to, rank, and any noteworthy occurrences. This includes Reservists that are still with us as well as those who have passed on. I will post a web page to appropriately recognize those 71st SOS members who are/were a part of "The Greatest Generation" and those who served during the Korean conflict.

* Anecdotes that tell a story of a funny, serious, or informative nature during the activation period.

* Anecdotes that tell a story of a funny, serious, or informative nature during the aircraft ferry missions from the US to Southeast Asia.

* Photographs with identification of 71st SOS people, places, or situations during the activation period.


434th - World War II to the Present

World War II - I very much want to add more information about the 434th Troop Carrier Group during WW II. This would include memoirs, letters, first hand experiences, photographs, and anecdotes of an informative nature by members of the 434th and its 71st, 72nd 73rd and 74th Squadrons. This is an excellent opportunity for members of the 434th TCG, "The Greatest Generation", to share their experiences, and to be recognized for their much appreciated contributions to the freedom we enjoy today.


Post World War II - I also want to add information about the 434th during the call-up during the Koreaa conflict, the Cuban missile crisis, and the Gulf war. I am especially missing accurate lineage of the four subordinate squadrons from about 1970 to the present. I understand the 71st SOS did serve in the Gulf war, but I have very little information.

I encourage anyone who can controbute accurate, historical information about the 434th and its subordinate squadrons to contact me at theshadowknows@71stsos.com.

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