A Tribute to 'The Unsung of World War II'

The following text appears on the back of the Airborne Troop Carrier Commemorative Plate

The Unsung of World War II

Much has been said, written, and portrayed about the airplane and its role in World War II. Foremost have been the deeds and heroics of the Navy carrier and land-based fighters along with the fighters and bombers of the Army Air Corps. Since the end of the war their exploits have been the subject of numerous books and movies - and with just cause. Their contributions to the Allied victories throughout the world were immeasurable.

However, almost nothing has ever been written and portrayed about TROOP CARRIER. On both sides of the globe, unarmed TROOP CARRIER aircraft pulled gliders and dropped paratroopers behind enemy lines, spearheading every major invasion or disembarkment, evacuated thousands of critically wounded soldiers right under the guns of the enemy, and kept besieged and moving ground forces supplied with food, medical supplies, and ammunition. Flying at all altitudes from tree-top level to 800 feet during these operations, the aircraft and gliders with Airborne troops aboard were subjected to heavy enemy flak and every type of small arms fire imaginable.

This GRAND REUNION is a salute to everyone who was a part of any of the TROOP CARRIER operations. Whether a crew member aboard an airplane or glider or whether assigned to Administration, Supply, Engineering, or Communications, this REUNION is a tribute YOU and the part YOU, as a soldier, played in helping to achieve the final victory.

TROOP CARRIER has indeed carved itself an undisputed niche in the history of WORLD WAR II, and this niche is attributable to YOU, the "UNSUNG".

Adam Parsons
Airborne Grand Reunion, 21-26 July 1987, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas

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