Tom Vickers
Air Museum

Louis Hill
Tuskegee Airman that served
at Atterbury Army Air Field

Bruce Dalton
WW II Glider Pilot

Tom Vickers: Thank you, Wes. Before closing the ceremony, I would like to invite Louis Hill to make some remarks in behalf of the Tuskegee Airmen. He will be followed by Bruce Dalton who will amke some remarks in behalf of the WW II glider pilots. Louis Hill first came to know Columbus when he flew his B-25 off of Atterbury Army Air Field at that time.

Lewis Hill: "Governor Whitcomb, honored guests, you, the people of Columbus. For it is to you the salute should go. It is you who carried us strongly through World War II, who gave us praise. The Tuskeegee Airmen hold you in deep esteem."

Bruce Dalton: "On June 4, 1998, six thousand combat glider pilots were honored by the Columbus Board of Aviation and this airport by the dedication of a marker stone to us. It was the glider pilots who spearheaded every invasion in Europe and many inaccessable fields in China. All 6,000 glider pilots want to thank this airport for recognizing our efforts."