Excerpt from the April 5, 1969 issue of Phan Fare,
The Happy Valley Weekly


Shadow Stops Enemy Attack

An AC-119 Gunship of "B" Flight 71st SOS "Shadow" stopped an enemy attack on a friendly forces position recently. While flying routine patrol near Phan Rang AB, the gunship was asked to go to the aid of friendly forces about 35 miles southwest of the base who were in contact with the enemy.

Arriving on the scene, Shadow proceeded to let loose with her flares and 7.62mm mini-guns. In all, she used 24 flares and 22,700 rounds of ammunition from her miniguns. "We destroyed a .50 calibre machine gun site," commented crew member Capt. William R. Casey, "and fired on some enemy troops we saw moving around in the area, but we don't know how many we got."

"The ground support said our fire was directed into the exact position from which they were receiving fire, so that's why Charlie decided to make tracks for safer territory."

Other crew members included: Maj. Richard E. Morgan, Capt. Paul T. Cherenzia, Capt. Leo M. Basten Jr.