Composed of the

71st, 17th, and 18th Special Operations Squadrons

The AC-119 Gunship Association was formed during the first-ever AC-119 Gunship reunion in October, 2000. The Association is open to all who were assigned, attached to, or supported the Squadrons during the Vietnam conflict. The primary goals of the Association are as follows.

• To perpetuate the existence and names of the three U. S. Air Force units that served in Southeast Asia (SEA) as effective combat forces known as the: 71st and 17th (Shadow) and 18th (Stinger) Special Operations Squadrons.

• To revere the memories of our fellow military ground and aircrew members whose lives were sacrificed in service to the United States of America and to comfort their survivors.

• To renew and promote camaraderie among individuals who served in SEA with Shadow and Stinger, and, with other personnel who contributed to the establishment and support of gunship operations.

• To promote reunions and to engage in other activities approved by the members that are consistent with the aim of promoting the general welfare and enjoyment of Association members and their families.

• To promote such charitable projects as the Association may deem worthy including, but not limited to, scholarships for the children and grandchildren of living or deceased Association members.

• To record, maintain and preserve the history and details of Shadow and Stinger contributions in support of our Nation during the Southeast Asia Conflict.

Members of the 71st SOS and their families are encouraged to join the AC-119 Gunship Association. This is an excellent opportunity to perpetuate the unit's history and to enjoy the benefits of a unique organization with specific goals and objectives. Please visit the AC-119 Gunship Association website for substantially more information and a membership application.