74th Troop Carrier Squadron, World War II

This C-47 has the fuselage marking(ID) of the 74th Troop Carrier Squadron of the 434th Troop Carrier Group in World War II. This is one of many aircraft on display at the Grissom Air Museum, Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana. Grissom ARB is the home of the 434th Air Refueling Wing and the 72nd and 74th Air Refueling Squadrons. The lineage and legacy of the 434th and 72nd and 74th began in 1943 and continues today at Grissom ARB.

Webmaster's Comments

As a result of my interest in the history of the 434th, particularly during World War II, I have had the opportunity to make many new friends and to learn much. The internet has enabled me to make contact with many people around the world. One such person is Gordon Timmins who lives very close to Aldermaston, England, the the RAF base that was home of the 434th Troop Carrier Group during WW II. Gordon has spent many years gathering historical information about the 434th at Aldermaston, and is an Honorary Member of the 74th TCS.

Of the four troop carrier squadrons of the 434th TCG, apparently the 74th is the only squadron that holds regularly scheduled reunions. I was invited to attend the 74th TCS reunion in Elk Grove Village, IL on October 3 - 6, 2001. It was a very rewarding experience to meet the men and women of "The Greatest Generation". They are truly a very proud, sincere, and patriotic group of Americans that we are indebted to for the freedom we enjoy today.