71st Troop Carrier Squadron (CJ) Daytime Supply Mission

This outstanding close formation air-to-air photograph was taken by 1st Lt. John M. Jones. It is one of many photographs in Lt. Jones' autobiography of his experiences with the 71st TCS during WW II. Visit the 'In their Own Words' page for Lt. Jones' autobiography.

"The 71st was on a day cargo supply mission, possibly a flight of 9 to 18 C-47s. I was flying Co-Pilot with either Capt. Reeves or Lt. Stover as Pilot in lead plane of an element, so it was probably a flight from England to France. I do not know who was flying “C” Charlie, as various pilots and co-pilots flew all of the squadron’s planes, except when the assigned pilot/co-pilot flew their own plane. The squadron had about twice the number of pilots/co-pilots than planes."

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