4413th CCTS Flight Crew Class Photos
Lockbourne AFB, Ohio 1968

(Photo by Ken Wilhite)

 Front Row, Kneeling (L to R)
1-SSgt Robert L. Eckstein; 2-Capt. Michael Kiely; 3-LtCol. Boris Chalef; 4- ?; 5-Maj. Wally Minett; 6- ?; 7- ?; 8-Maj. Byron D. Feather; 9-LtCol. William E. Long; 10- ?; 11- ?

Middle Row (L to R)
1- ?; 2-Maj. Vaiden Q. Cox; 3- Maj. Ralph V. 'Bud' Harrell, Jr.; 4-Capt. Eugene Schaltenbrand; 5- ?; 6- ?; 7-Maj. Thomas H. Cougill; 8-Maj. Herman A. Heuss; 9-LtCol. James E. Pyle; 10-Maj. Edmon C. Tucker; 11-LtCol. John W. Lewis; 12-Capt. James E. Davis; 13-Capt. John M. McGary; 14- SSgt. Tom Newbold; 15- Sgt. Sterling Roper

Back Row (L to R)
1-SSgt. Leonard Swallom; 2- ?; 3-MSgt. Clarence McDaniel; 4-SSgt. Richard L. Hupp; 5-SSgt. Bernie Westendorf; 6-SSgt. Bart H. Dye; 7-SSgt. Robert Branscomb; 8- Sgt. Russ Steffensmeier; 9- ?; 10- ?


 Front Row, Kneeling and Crouching (L to R)
1-?; 2-?; 3-LtCol. Matt A. Boonstra; 4-Maj. Ben R. McPherson; 5-Maj.Roxy R. Rupe, ; 6-Bill Horrell; 7-Maj. Herman A. Heuss; 8-Maj. Paul R. Maxwell; 9-?; 10-Maj. Richard Rudkin; 11-LtCol. Sid Petty

Middle Row, Standing (foreground) (L to R)
1-Capt. Bill Hamilton; 2- ?; 3- ?; 4- Capt. Michael Kiely; 5-Maj. Tommy C. Patterson; 6-?; 7-?; 8-?; 9-Major Franz Schmucker; 10-?; 11-?

Back Row (L to R)

1-?; 2-Donald L. Wyatt, SSgt; 3-William V. McNeeley, SSgt; 4-Ronald N. Edington, SSgt; 5-?; 6-?; 7-?; 8-?; 9-Jackie Hodson, SSgt; 10-?; 11-?; 12-Sgt. Dale Burgan; 13-Doris H. Lowe, SSgt; 14-SSgt. Melvin J. Fleenor; 15-SSgt. John M. Roe

 Front Row, Kneeling (L to R)
1-?; 2-Ronald E. Wheeler, MSgt; 3-?; 4- Norm Scholl, Sgt; 5-?; 6-SSgt. Richard Williams; 7-?; 8-MSgt. Darrell Henderson; 9-SSgt. Robert Masterson; 10-TSgt. Robert F. Goode, ; 11- SSgt. Robert C. Johnson

Back Row, Standing (L to R)
1-SSgt. Paul A. Warner; 2-?; 3-LtCol. Burl G. Campbell; 4-Major William H. Ubinger; 5-?; 6-?; 7-Maj. Harold Crawford; 8-LtCol. James H. Kirke; 9-LtCol. Robert L. Conley; 10-Maj. Richard E. Rhodes; 12-TSgt. Lloyd I. Hobbs.


 Front Row, Kneeling and Crouching (L to R)
1-Capt. Leo M. Basten; 2-Capt. William R. Casey; 3-Maj. Richard E. Morgan; 4-Maj. Norman D. Reid; 5-Maj. Clyde Sherrill, ; 6-Maj. Gene R. Tippy; 7-Maj. Herb Zumhingst; 8-LtCol. Warren Johnson; 9-Capt. Paul T. Cherenzia.

Middle Row, (L to R)
1-Maj. Vernon L Hoehn; 2-Capt. Howard E. Mangin; 3- ?; 4-SSgt. George E. Dragoo; 5-MSgt. Owen D. Stickles; 6-Sgt. James R. Covay; 7-Sgt. Jeffrey M. Smith; 8-Sgt. Roger D. Stephens; 9-?; 10-TSgt. Herbert Loveless; 11-Sgt. Jerold E. Thomas; 12- LtCol. Earl W. Scott

Back Row (L to R)

1-Sgt. Gregory L. Terral; 2-Sgt. Paul S. Wing; 3-?; 4-Sgt. John H. Sturm; 5-Sgt. John Temoney; 6-Sgt. James E. Mattison; 7-TSgt. Charles Lawburgh; 8-SSgt. Squire Riley; 9-?; 10-Sgt. James L. Farrell;
Donald E. Brogan; 12-SSgt. Ronald Penrose.

Help Needed with the above photographs

Help is needed to identify the remainder of the flight crew members shown above. Also, there may be an additional class photo or two not posted above. If you can help with name additions, corrections, or additional photos, please contact the 71st SOS webmaster.